It’s a beautiful world we live in.

The world, ah the world.

One Response to “It’s a beautiful world we live in.”

  1. This is amazing… I actually lay awake quite some time just last night, watching my three year old son sleeping, thinking about all that what seems to become a kind of mass hysteria, the (supposedly) predicted world’s end in 2012 & the big ‘What if…?!’ – after some horrible scenarios I made up in my mind, my conclusion was that most seriously I won’t be the one saving this world but maybe I can make it a little better (I know this sounds naive to a lot of people or like the oldest story in the book…) just by being more kind, more respectful, more aware maybe… and yes, it sort of convinced me that this would have a positive effect on someone or something in my environment – so, thank you for posting this, since it was additionally encouraging.
    All the best to you and yours and everyone who’s reading. A.
    (PS: Very interesting to see how you’re improving in tattooing and drawing, liked a lot of what I’ve seen lately, thanks for sharing!)

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