Midway Art Fair

Midway Art Fair

November 10th and 11th: Open Hours 12 – 6 PM

Mana Contemporary, 2233 South Throop Street Chicago, IL 60608

I have been fortunate enough to have been asked to participate in this years Midway Art Fair,
here in Chicago in the Pilsen neighborhood. Andrea Jablonski came and picked through a whole
mess of drawings and chose about 26 pieces. All works on paper, mostly india ink, some gouache
and water color. I’m honored that my stuff will be hanging with Ken Ellis’s totally amazing quilts! Check us out at the Elastic Arts Foundation booth.

TELL YOUR PEEPS! Hope to see you over the weekend.

MDWFAIR CHICAGO: Formed in spring 2011 as a collaborative project between the Public Media Institute, Document, Roots & Culture and threewalls, the MDW Fair is a showcase for independent art initiatives, spaces, galleries and artist groups, highlighting artist-run activities and experimental culture locally, nationally and internationally. Featuring more than 75 exhibitors, publishers and performers, the MDW Fair is the world’s premier event for grassroots and independent art culture. Utilizing Mana Contemporary Art Center’s newly opened branch in Chicago, MDW has a packed schedule of performances, artist projects, and events over the course of the weekend.

About Mana Contemporary Chicago:

Mana Contemporary, one of the largest art centers in the United States, is expanding to Chicago. A landmark building in the Pilsen neighborhood is being converted into a flourishing arts community. The center will integrate the local emerging art scene with Mana’s innovative philosophy by providing comprehensive services and programs for artists, students, collectors, institutions, and the greater public––under one roof.

Right now, Mana Contemporary Chicago is completing its third floor to include bright, airy, and fully customizable artist studios. The facility will expand to feature galleries, exhibition spaces, cutting edge monthly events, as well as a cafe, a frame/crate shop, art management services, art storage, and more.

Mana Contemporary Chicago will be one of three Mana branches. Each center will reflect the spirit of the city it is based in, and provide for the unique needs of its artistic community.

2 Responses to “Midway Art Fair”

  1. josh duff Says:

    hey john, i am a buddy/client of max’s, and i saw that he’s got you tattooing at his shop, so i looked up some of your stuff, and i really like it! i was wondering if you have tattooed the behive deal, the “entre do luces” one? if not, how much would you charge for that tattooed on me some time soon?

    • John Herndon Says:

      Hi Josh,
      I’d be happy to tattoo you! Drop me a line at agrapedope@gmail and let’s sort out the details.
      All the best, J

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